How to Apply for Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment 2024

Are you passionate about serving your community and ensuring safety and security for all? Joining the Papua New Guinea Police Force could be your calling! If you’re eager to become a part of this noble profession, here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment.

Other factual information like the basic requirements, application process, and qualities you should possess before joining the Papua New Guinea Police will be explained in detail.

Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment

Twice a year, applications are accepted for positions. Recruitment announcements are often posted in the neighborhood media, or you may request the most recent application forms by writing to the Port Moresby offices. To get application forms, write to the Police headquarters.

PNG Police Recruitment Requirement

Before proceeding with the application process, it’s essential to understand the basic requirements for joining the Papua New Guinea Police Force:

1. Age Limit: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

2. Education: A minimum of a Grade 10 or Grade 12 certificate from a recognized institution is required. Additional qualifications may be necessary for specialized roles.

3. Physical Fitness: Candidates must meet specific physical fitness standards set by the Police Force.

4. Character and Medical Clearance: Applicants need to provide evidence of good character and pass a medical examination.

5. Candidates should be financially unscrupulous to join the disciplined troops.

6. Before starting an application, each applicant has to have a working phone number, email address, and national identity number (NIN).

Application Process

1. Start by visiting the official website of the Papua New Guinea Police Force to learn more about police recruitment. To obtain comprehensive details regarding the application procedure, qualifying requirements, and any current recruitment campaigns, seek out the recruitment area.

2. Study the Job Posting: Give the job posting a thorough read to learn about the open jobs, the dates for applications, and any particular qualifications needed for each position.

3. Complete the Application Form: You may either download the application form from the Internet or pick it up at one of the approved recruitment centers. Accurately complete the form by entering all necessary data, such as contact details, educational history, and personal details.

4. Collect Relevant Documents: Make copies of any necessary records, including your ID card, birth certificate, and any other papers the application form asks for.

5. Submit Your Application: After completing the application and gathering all required paperwork, send your application, following the guidelines, to the recruiting centers that have been assigned or via the web portal.

6. Physical Fitness Test: If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to undergo a physical fitness test. Be prepared to demonstrate your physical abilities through various exercises and activities. Successful candidates from the physical fitness test will be required to sit for a written examination, covering areas such as general knowledge, reasoning, and basic policing principles.

7. Interview: Candidates who pass the written exam will move on to the next round of interviews. Your credentials, abilities, and character traits will be taken into consideration by the interview panel when determining your appropriateness for the position.

8. Candidate profiles that pass the interview phase will be subjected to a comprehensive medical test and background check to make sure they adhere to the necessary health standards. To confirm your moral fiber and honesty, a background investigation will also be done.

9. Training Academy: After passing all recruiting phases and fulfilling the prerequisites, you’ll be accepted to the Papua New Guinea Police Training Academy, where you’ll get fundamental recruit training. You will be sent to your designated duty location to begin your career after graduating from the academy and finishing the training program.

Note that, no one other than those on the shortlist will be notified.


A fulfilling and demanding career choice that gives you the chance to positively influence your society is joining the Papua New Guinea Police Force.

You may begin your path to a rewarding career in law enforcement by adhering to these easy steps and satisfying the prerequisites. Become a proud member of the Papua New Guinea Police Force by applying now!

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