Philippine Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Online Application Form Portal

The Philippine Army Recruitment is currently ongoing. Applications are invited from able-bodied men and women who are willing to safeguard the nation with dedication. The application form for this recruitment is available online and is accessible to all who are interested in applying.

Below, you will be taken through the requirements, application procedure, and deadline for the Philippine Army Recruitment. Read below for more information.

Philippine Army Recruitment Registration Form Portal

The Philippine Army Recruitment is open to all who are interested in applying, all you need to do is visit the Philippine Army Recruitment portal at visit login portal and fill out the application form.

The Philippine Army fights on land to protect the country and maintain peace. Its main duties include defending the nation’s sovereignty, conducting land operations for national defense, and assisting in internal security efforts.

This force started during the country’s early days of independence, it has evolved to meet modern security challenges. The mission of the Philippine Army ranges from territorial defense to counterinsurgency operations against groups like the New People’s Army and Abu Sayyaf.

Comprising regular troops, reservists, and specialized units, the army collaborates closely with other AFP branches and civilian agencies for security and development initiatives. It also plays a significant role in disaster response and humanitarian aid during natural calamities.

If you are interested in applying, we advise that you first of all read the application requirements before applying. This is important because meeting these requirements guarantees you a high chance of being recruited, see the next section for the Philippine Army recruitment requirements.

Philippine Army Recruitment Requirements

The Philippine Army is currently accepting applications for various roles including Infantry, Engineers, Cavalry, Signal, Ordnance, Field Artillery, and Quartermaster, if you are interested, ensure that you meet the requirements below before applying.

Requirements for Officer Candidate (OC)

  • To be eligible to apply, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree, undergo the AFP Aptitude Test Battery, and achieve a score of 100 or higher based on merit.
  •  Male applicants should be a minimum of 5 feet 4 inches tall (1.64 meters), while female applicants should be at least 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.62 meters).

Requirements for Call To Active Duty Candidates

  • Prospective candidates in this category should possess a Bachelor’s degree earned from a four-year undergraduate program at a recognized institution.
  • They must also have completed the Probationary Officer Training Course and been commissioned as a 2LT in the Reserve Force.
  • To qualify for the online application process, candidates must pass the AFP Aptitude Test Battery with a score of at least 100. This test series evaluates aptitude and suitability for various roles within the AFP.
  • For this category, the age limit is 29 years or younger.
  • Applicants are required to meet the minimum height standards based on their gender: Males must be at least five feet four inches tall, while females must be at least five feet two inches tall.

Requirements for Call To Candidate Soldier

  • Potential applicants, both male and female, should have completed a minimum of 72 college units. This criterion reflects their academic capability and ensures they possess the requisite educational foundation for this recruitment.
  • To be eligible to apply, applicants must be single and have no children.
  • Applicants in this category must be at least 18 years old but no older than 26 at the time of appointment. Candidates who meet this age requirement are encouraged to apply.
  • Female candidates must be at least five feet two inches tall to meet the height requirement, while male candidates must be at least five feet four inches tall.
  • Scoring at least 70 on the AFP Aptitude Test Battery is mandatory for applicants to be considered for the position.

If you are applying in any of the categories listed above and you have confirmed that you qualify, you can apply online. See below for instructions on how to apply.

How To Apply For Philippine Army Recruitment

If you are interested in the Philippine Army Recruitment, here is how you can apply online without hassles.

  1. Visit the official website located at
  2. Select your desired role from options such as Infantry, Engineers, Cavalry, Signal, Ordnance, Field Artillery, or Quartermaster.
  3. Register for an account.
  4. Confirm your account by clicking the link sent to your email, and logging in to the portal.
  5. Complete all necessary fields in the application form.
  6. Scan and upload all required documents.
  7. Review your application for accuracy.
  8.  Submit your application.
  9. Successful candidates will be notified of their success via email.

Philippine Army Recruitment: Deadline

The deadline for this recruitment has not been announced, we will update this page as soon as the deadline has been announced. For now, visit the recruitment portal and apply for recruitment.

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