Ghana Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025 Final List

We have exciting news for all candidates who applied for the recently concluded Ghana National Fire Service recruitment 2024! The Ghana Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates is now out on the recruitment portal! Candidates who took part in the recruitment exercise can now visit the portal and check if their names were included in the list.

Are you one of such candidates? Read this article to learn how to check/view the list of shortlisted candidates and to gain information on what to do after you have confirmed that your name is among the shortlisted candidates.

Ghana National Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates

The Ghana Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates have been released! Did you participate in the just concluded Ghana Fire Service recruitment 2024? You can now visit the recruitment portal and check if your name has been included on the list.

The list of shortlisted candidates contains the names of candidates who met the recruitment requirements and submitted valid documents. If you met the requirements for the recruitment, there is a very high chance that your name is on the list, however, if you did not meet the requirements, your name may not appear on the list.

Once you have confirmed that your name is on the list of shortlisted candidates, you need to prepare for the screening exercise. The screening exercise is where you physically appear in front of the recruitment panel, they will check your documents and confirm that they are valid.

Once you have passed the screening exercise, you will need to prepare for the training, during the training you will be taught all there is to know about the Ghana Fire Service and how to be a good firefighter. You will also be taken through physical exercises to confirm that you are physically and mentally fit for the tasks ahead. After the training, you will be given a series of tests to confirm that you have assimilated and understood all that was taught during the training.

How To View Ghana Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates

  • Visit the Ghana Fire Service recruitment portal
  • Log on to the page using the details you used in applying for the recruitment.
  • Scroll through the page and, you will see ” View Shortlisted Candidates”, click on it.
  • You can filter your search by searching for the first letter of your surname.
  • Once you see your name, prepare your documents and await announcements on the screening dates.
  • Alternatively, you can check your email for a notification of your success in the recruitment exercise.

Fire Service Shortlisted Candidates 2024 Screening Process

The Ghana Fire Service screening process is as follows:-

  • Confirming candidates have appropriate qualifications for firefighting.
  • Verifying applicants meet age and physical fitness requirements.
  • Administering a computer-based assessment to evaluate firefighting knowledge and skills.
  •  Incorporating a fitness examination to assess strength and agility.
  • Assessing problem-solving abilities during the interview process.

Once you have been assessed and have passed, you will be given orientation and officially inducted as a Ghana Fire Fighter. Congratulations in advance.

National Fire Service Training Dates

The National Fire Service is organizing a training session for selected candidates in 2024. While the exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it won’t be long before it’s announced. Keep an eye on this page for updates! Get ready to push yourself and enhance your firefighting skills! The training will be an intensive two-week course designed to equip you with the necessary skills and dedication to become a proficient firefighter.

Mark your calendar, but hold off on confirming the location details. The Fire Service hasn’t disclosed the exact training locations yet. Rest assured, we will inform you about it as soon as we receive more information.

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