Teaching jobs in Vihiga County

Teaching jobs at Vihiga County are currently made available. If you have a passion for lecturing both in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in Kenya then this article has the information you need to help actualize those dreams and aspirations.

Graduates who are looking forward to gaining employment as teachers in Vihiga County Kenya should make sure they have the necessary documents and qualifications in the related field they might be applying for.

Teaching jobs in Vihiga County, Kenya, are typically managed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the County Government. Here’s an overview of how to find and apply for teaching positions in Vihiga County, general requirements, and other viable information. Read the article below to get full details.

Job Openings at Vihiga County

Vihiga County is situated in the Western Region of Kenya and borders Kakamega County to the north, Nandi County to the east, Kisumu County to the south, and Siaya County to the west. They have numerous primary and secondary schools, as well as tertiary institutions that provide education and training to the local population.

The county offers various teaching positions in primary, secondary, and early childhood education sectors. These positions are advertised by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the County Government. Here are some current teaching job vacancies in Vihiga County:

  1. Primary and Secondary School Teachers: Various positions are available for primary and secondary school teachers across different subjects. Applicants are required to have relevant teaching qualifications and experience, depending on the specific teaching role.
  2. Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) Teachers: Positions for ECDE teachers are open, requiring qualifications in early childhood education and experience in handling young learners.

If you wish to apply for any of these opportunities then you should follow the laid down instructions given on this webpage.

Recruitment Process: How to apply for Teaching Jobs at Vihiga County

  • Visit the Vihiga County recruitment portal 
  • Fill out an application form
  • Provide your CV, cover letter, and copies of academic and professional certificates
  • Submit your application
  • Applications are reviewed, and shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews.

During the interview, candidates undergo an interview process that may include written tests, oral interviews, and teaching demonstrations.

In the end, successful candidates are selected based on their performance in the interviews. They receive appointment letters detailing their posting and terms of employment.

Requirements for Teaching Jobs at Vihiga County

Below are some of the requirements for teaching jobs at Vihiga County:

  • Educational Qualifications:

Primary School Teachers: A minimum of a P1 certificate from a recognized teacher training college.

Secondary School Teachers: A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree or a diploma in education for those teaching in secondary schools.

ECD Teachers: A certificate or diploma in Early Childhood Development (ECD) education.

  • Registration with TSC: All teachers must be registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to be eligible for employment in public schools.
  • Experience: Prior teaching experience may be required, especially for senior positions or specific subject expertise.
  • Personal Attributes: Good communication skills, patience, creativity, and a passion for teaching and nurturing students.

Where to Find Teaching Job Vacancies in Vihiga County

  1. TSC Website: The Teachers Service Commission regularly posts job vacancies on its official website.
  2. Vihiga County Government Website: Occasionally, the County Government may advertise local teaching positions on its official website.

Contact Information

  • TSC Offices: For specific inquiries about teaching positions and registration requirements, contact the nearest TSC office.
  • Vihiga County Education Office: Local education offices can provide information on vacancies and application processes.

Tips on How to Apply

  • Make sure all of your professional and academic credentials are in order and that you have copies ready to submit.
  •  Make sure to complete your registration with the Teachers Service Commission if you haven’t already.
  • Check for employment openings regularly on the websites of TSC and the Vihiga County Government.
  • Teachers and other experts in the field should be contacted since they could know of future openings.

Educating and fostering the growth of young minds is made possible through applying for teaching positions in Vihiga County. Make sure all your documents and qualifications are complete and best suit the positions you are applying for. Do well to fill your application form with the correct information and submit it appropriately.

Candidates who applied are advised to wait patiently for the release of shortlisted candidates which will then qualify them for the next phase of recruitment.

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